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New Grange (or Newgrange) was an ancient passage tomb in Ireland, built in the Neolithic period, and built to allow for the light of the winter solstice to illuminate the passage for a short period of time. Discovered in the late seventeenth century, it is one of the most famous prehistoric structures in the world.

Connely's Inn is located not far from the site.

In March 1945, Indiana Jones led an excavation of a mound site near New Grange, and later faced off against the Nazi agent Dieterhoffmann over the Spear of Longinus at that site.

Behind the scenes[]

Several aspects of the New Grange Mound are similar to the passage tomb at New Grange:

  • Presence of spiral carvings
  • Alignment for solar astronomy (New Grange is aligned for the winter solstice, while the New Grange Mound is aligned for the spring equinox)

Indiana Jones mentions that Connely's Inn is south of Dublin, though in the real world, New Grange is found north of Dublin, yet Connely's Inn is near New Grange. It could be that Jones was mistaken, or that the locations of Dublin and New Grange in the world of Indiana Jones are different than their locations in the real world.


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