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This article is about the American state. You may be looking for New Jersey Jones, Indiana Jones' faux brother.

New Jersey, or officially the State of New Jersey is one of the states located in the mainland of the United States of America, located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and south of New York. It was the childhood home state for Indiana Jones, who was born in Princeton.

The area was settled by the Delaware Indians prior to European colonization. Both Swedish and Dutch settlements were established in the area, with the Dutch eventually buying out the Swedish lands, and the English taking over the Dutch colonies. During the Revolutionary War, the colony then became the third state to secede from the United Kingdom, and major battles were fought at Trenton, Princeton and Monmouth. The state became a center for American industrialization, and later was the site of Thomas Edison's labs in Menlo Park.

Adventures in New Jersey[]

In 1899, Indiana Jones was born in Princeton and grew up in the area, playing baseball, spending time with his dog Indiana, and his friends. He lived in the Princeton area until going on his father's world lecture tour.[1]

In 1910, Jones was in Russia, and ran away from his parents, and hoped to return home to New Jersey, a desire he shared with his fellow runaway, Leo Tolstoy.[2]

After the tour, the family returned to Princeton and lived in the area until the death of Jones' mother. Father and son moved to Utah for a few years, then returned to Princeton, where Jones attended high school. In February 1916, Jones and his high school sweetheart helped thwart a plot to steal Thomas Edison's secrets.[3]

In 1919, Jones returned to New Jersey after World War I and the Versailles Peace Conference and tried to reconcile with his father, and watched his friend, Paul Robeson graduate and give the commencement address at Rutgers University.[4]

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