Nicholas Scorzen was a member of the Order of Carpathia, a secret fraternity based in Eastern Europe, who went rogue after cultists dedicated to Fialar made him an offer to steal the Al Amir jewel from the Museum of Natural History during the time of Fiorello LaGuardia's mayorship of New York City.

Scorzen traveled to the United States of America and stayed at a Manhattan brownstone where he also planned to take the Scroll of Santara and a sword, elements also needed by the cult to return Fialar to Earth. He successfully stole the Al Amir from the Museum of Natural History and murdered one of their guards before the piece's scheduled unveiling. Nevertheless, Scorzen refused to give up the jewel to the cultists after he received a better offer from some German spies.

The cult decided to take the artifact by force and kidnapped Scorzen from his apartment. Returning to their hideaway at a wooded glade in the Catskill Mountains, the cultists left Scorzen beaten and bloodied but still alive by the side of the pieces they needed for their ritual and was present when Fialar was summoned. However, a group of adventurers had followed the trail of the stolen Al Amir and took on the demonic entity.

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