Major Nichols was a Nazi spy who worked alongside Colonel Musgrove in U.S. Army Intelligence. He was killed in 1941 inside the Akashic Hall of Records.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In July 1941, Musgrove was contacted by Sir Reginald Brooksbank, who had discovered the Akashic Hall of Records on the Bahamian island of Bimini, and was seeking U.S. help in keeping it safe from the Nazis. Musgrove worked with Brooksbank, and had Nichols assigned to protect the British explorer. Unfortunately, Brooksbank was believed killed when Nazi agents sabotaged his car, despite Nichols' protection. Brooksbank, before his death, recorded a film instructing his friend, Indiana Jones, to find the new location of the Hall of Records using the Three Sisters stones.

Musgrove tracked Jones to Peru, using wanted posters under the name of the fake Peruvian Museum Council to have Jones eventually captured by Peruvian forces. Though Jones distrusted Musgrove, he eventually convinced the archaeologist to help him by mentioning Brooksbank's recent death. With Nichols, Musgrove flew Jones to a U.S. military base in Panama, and showed Jones the film from Brooksbank and a mysterious sphere, which convinced Jones that the Akashic Hall of Records could be real. However, at the Rio Hato air force base, Jones was attacked by a Nazi assassin that Nichols had smuggled onto the base. Nichols shot the assassin before Indy could interrogate him. To avoid further assassination attempts, Jones decided to fake his own death and drove Nichols and Musgrove to the town of Santa Clara. Jones told Nichols that he suspected Musgrove was a Nazi spy, but then discovered that Jones had played them both into letting him escape. Nichols worked with Musgrove to piece together Jones' probable flight to Costa Rica, but he shot Musgrove when the colonel began to make a plan to catch up with Jones.

Musgrove survived the shooting, but was unable to prevent Nichols from taking American soldiers to Palmar Sur where they nearly apprehended Jones and his pilot, Bert Brodowski, who both escaped and reached the Hall of Records at the Pyramid of the Sorcerer in Uxmal. Nichols captured Bert and held her as hostage in the Hall of Records, where he met Jones and found out Brooksbank was still alive. Jones bluffed Nichols into believing that death awaited him outside and used the opportunity to free Bert. Nichols ran further into the Hall to avoid this fate, but the mysterious orbs killed him when he touched too many at the same time.

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