Noah Indiana Shannon was the son of Jack Shannon and Katrina Zobolotsky. He was named after Indiana Jones and the Biblical Noah.


Katrina, who could see into the future when holding a piece of Noah's Ark given to her by her father, first saw the child in her final vision, before giving the Ark wood to a museum.

At fourteen months, Noah was living with his parents and his grandmother in San Francisco.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is some confusion with the continuity surrounding Noah's age in the two novels he is mentioned (both authored by Rob MacGregor, who created the character). Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy clearly states he is fourteen months old in April 1928, therefore his birth is around February, 1927 and his conception in the year before.

However, Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge is set in Spring 1927 where Noah is first predicted and the same event is where his parents first met. This would indicate Jack Shannon is not Noah's biological father despite the novel's implication he is a product of their coupling.



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