"Love is like war, Indy."
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"Northern Italy, June 1918" is the sixteenth episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the tenth episode in season two. The episode originally aired on ABC on April 17, 1993. For home video, it was paired up with the newly-filmed "Morocco, September 1917" to become Tales of Innocence.

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In a crowded parking lot, two cars race for an open space only to crash into each other, causing the drivers to step out and begin arguing. When they get back into their cars and pull back for a confrontation, Professor Jones slips between them to park his green Plymouth in the space, and both drivers step back out to yell at him for taking it. Indy tells them to calm down because they're so busy fighting that they forgot what they were fighting about, as he did when he was a spy behind enemy lines in Italy during the First World War.

Closing bookend[edit | edit source]

Indy tells the two drivers not to be in such a hurry that they "don't take time to smell the flowers along the way." Rather than take his lesson to heart, the drivers resume yelling at Indy as he walks off.

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Principal photography for this episode took place from September 30 to October 22, 1992,[1] with location filming in Feltre, Italy, as well as in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park and Tre Cime Nature Park using the surviving tunnels and trenches originally carved out during World War I.[2] While filming in the Dolomite Mountains, the production crew "barely missed being buried beneath a late-season avalanche."[3]

Continuity[edit | edit source]

Despite this episode's title, Ernest Hemingway's war injury occurred in Fossalta di Piave, Italy, on July 8, 1918.

Hemingway observes that Indy has already been awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Médaille Militaire. (At this point in the war, Indy would also be eligible for the Belgian Commemorative Medal of the 1914–1917 African Campaigns.) However, the latter was not specifically awarded for being wounded, as Hemingway says, until after the First World War.

At some point before the events of this episode, Indy witnessed the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. He mentions it as one of the highlights of Spain to Hemingway, who agrees that he has to go there someday.

Indy states that the last letter he wrote "was to Arabia, and it was to a guy." T.E. Lawrence was in Egypt at this time,[4] so the letter in question might have been written significantly earlier.

Indy mentions having "fooled around with" a soprano saxophone during basic training at Le Havre, alluding to the events of the unfilmed episode "Le Havre, June 1916."

The unnamed nurse noticed by both Indy and Hemingway may be Agnes von Kurowsky, with whom Hemingway fell in love while recuperating.

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"Northern Italy, June 1918" was first broadcast on April 17, 1993.

Home video[edit | edit source]

This episode was edited into Tales of Innocence in 1996, which was released on VHS in 1999 and on DVD in 2008 (as part of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Three, The Years of Change).

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Selected tracks from the episode were included on the official soundtrack The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Volume Four, released in 1994, though the album did not include Indy's bathtub rendition of the 1911 song "Oh, You Beautiful Doll," his drunken duet with Hemingway of the 1903 song "Sweet Adeline," or the various pieces of music they play when trying to attract Giulietta's affection.[5] Composer Laurence Rosenthal also offered one of his tracks from the episode as a sample on his personal website.[6]

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