King Nub was the first in the great line of Nubian Kings (the Egypto-Sudanese region "Nubia" is named in his honor) as well as the fourth and final of the Disciples of Marduk, being Nebuchadnezzar's chief technician.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He fled with his Machine part to the pyramid city of Meroe, below which lie King Solomon's legendary mines. Nub's contraptions to protect his designated piece of the Machine are by far the most technologically advanced of all four Disciples. He began construction of a series of burial chambers for himself deep within Solomon's mines. The gargantuan tomb was laden with deadly machines and most notably, a variety of amazingly advanced and lethal robots functioning off of both electricity and mechanical engineering. Nub was actually able to harness electrical power to prevent the entrance of grave robbers for centuries. Many of his robotic creations had flying or floating abilities and were so advanced (even by the time they were discovered in 1947) that several were returned to Babylon in order to guard over the main body of the Infernal Machine itself.

Perhaps Nub's greatest achievement was building a giant robot guardian inside his personal crypt that fired deadly laser beams from its jewel eye. As ordered, Nub's body was buried in a coffin in the tomb crypt and he even added a trick bottom to the sarcophagus that could spin around. When discovered by Indiana Jones, Nub's skeleton was surprisingly found to be neither mummified nor preserved in any other way.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

It is probable that Nub not only was responsible for his specific Machine part, but also helped to build it himself, as it was a source of electrical power and could be used as a battery to activate many of the devices inside his tomb.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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