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Nur-Ab-Sal was an Atlantean god-king.


Nur-Ab-Sal, in a vision to Sophia Hapgood.

Nur-Ab-Sal was a high priest[1] and the last king of Atlantis around 1600 BC. During the sinking of Atlantis, Nur-Ab-Sal fashioned a device, the God Machine, to transform people into the mysterious horned beings who had once brought orichalcum to the city. He tested it on slaves, beggars and thieves, though the machine only created a miserable crop of half-formed subhumans. Nur-Ab-Sal was then killed during the creatures' rebellion. Before he died, however, he impressed his essence on his amber necklace so that he could return and attain godhood to restore the Atlantean empire.[1]

Plato wrote of Nur-Ab-Sal and Atlantis in his Lost Dialogue.[2] The Royal Library of Alexandria also made reference to the two but the library was in remnants and became lost to history by the 20th century.[3][4]

Nur-Ab-Sal's necklace was discovered by the Jastro Expedition in 1929 by Jastro and Sophia Hapgood. Using the necklace, Nur-Ab-Sal regulary spoke to her. With this kind of communication, she was able to gain a lot of information on Atlantis for her research. By 1939 though, shortly before she was reunited with Indiana Jones, her communication with Nur-Ab-Sal became severed.

When Sophia reached the second circle of Atlantis, he gained full control over her and revealed the true intentions: to become the God of Atlantis through Sophia. But Indiana Jones threw the medallion violently in a lava pit, freeing her from his influence.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In the comic, Nur-Ab-Sal's role is much less sinister. He appears in spectral form in Atlantis and narrates the story to the pair about the horned beings and the God Machine. These details are not mentioned in the adventure game, although the backstory is hinted at. Ubermann takes the necklace with Nur-Ab-Sal's essence in it when he uses the god machine, but it is destroyed along with Ubermann after the machine turns him into a mutant.

The game also implies that after finding Nur-Ab-Sal's necklace, Sophia had been partially possessed by Nur-Ab-Sal's spirit. This drives her to obsession with Atlantis, using whatever means to see the spirit returned to Atlantis, such as keeping Atlantean artifacts for 'herself'. It is also perhaps one of the reasons that caused her relationship with Indy to go sour back then.

If the medallion is not destroyed, but the player has completed the game without Sophia, when Ubermann attempts to use the machine, Nur-Ab-Sal in Sophia's body pushes Ubermann aside to use the technology himself. However, just like the others, Nur-Ab-Sal/Sophia's transformation into a god is unstable and the Atlantean King explodes, accidentally knocking Ubermann into a lava pit during his death throes. The ending scene has Indiana Jones lament being unable to save Sophia.



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