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"Inside are the remains of Nurhachi, First Emperor of Manchu Dynasty."
Lao Che[src]

Nurhachi (also Nurhaci) was the first Emperor of the Manchu Dynasty in China, ruling from 1616 to his death in 1626. His ashes were sought out by Indiana Jones in 1935 at Lao Che's request.


Early life[]

Nurhachi was born on February 21, 1559 in Manchuria.[1] In 1583, at age 24, Nurhachi became leader of his clan following the death of his father.[3]

Emperor of China[]

Eventually, Nurhachi came to ally with other powerful clans to build up an army strong enough that eventually defeated the Ming Dynasty and conquered China. As such, Nurhachi was made the first Emperor of the Later Jyn Dynasty, which later became known as the Qing Dynasty, and founded the Manchu state.[3]

Nurhachi reigned from 1616 to until death in 1626[1] from battle wounds.[3] His ashes were then placed in a jade funerary urn.[2]


In 1935, Indiana Jones was hired to recover his remains[2] by its descendent[4] Lao Che. Lao's son, Kao Kan, tried to steal them from the archaeologist first, which resulted in a broken wrist, but Jones later delivered Nurhachi's ashes to Lao Che at Club Obi Wan in exchange for an elusive diamond.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The historical Nurhachi is credited with ordering the creation of a written script for the Manchu language.

Nurhachi's organization of the Manchu people, his attacks on China's Ming Dynasty and Korea's Joseon Dynasty, and his conquest of China's northeastern Liaodong province, laid the groundwork for the conquest of China by the Qing Dynasty.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Sourcebook dates Nurhachi's birth in 1559,[1] whereas The Greatest Adventures of Indiana Jones dates his birth in 1558.[3] As the real-life Nurhachi was indeed born in 1559, this article assumes the first provided date to be the canon one.[1]



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