"Orderlies, quickly!"


The nurse was a French medical worker during World War I. In September 1916, she was a nurse at the Verdun military hospital, a makeshift hospital for the soldiers wounded in the Battle of Verdun.

One day she was making rounds with the patients when a wounded Belgian soldier, Remy Baudouin began screaming and claiming that he still felt the bullet in him, and that the surgeons hadn't removed it. The nurse acted quickly in trying to calm Baudouin down, and called for two orderlies to help restrain him. Claiming that he was a danger to himself, the nurse gave way when Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) arrived. Leaving Baudouin with his friend, she went to check on other patients.

As the Belgian corporal was exiting, she told him that Baudouin was scheduled to go back to the front on the next day. When Defense claimed that Baudouin was not ready, she agreed, but nothing could be done.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Cécile Paoli played the role of Nurse in the episode "Verdun, September 1916" of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

The final scene between Indiana Jones and the nurse does not appear in the episode, but appears in the comic adaptation.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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