OB1 taking off in Tibet

OB1 was the callsign of a medium-sized two engine Douglas DC-3 cargo plane flown by Jock Lindsey.


In the summer of 1936, OB1 was piloted by Lindsey to take Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody to Tibet while they looked for Francis Beresford-Hope. Lindsey relaxed in the plane while Jones and Brody found Beresford-Hope's Cave, and met with Alex Beresford-Hope. As the three escaped from some bandits, Lindsey heard Jones yelling, and started the plane. As the plane circled along the valley floor, it bumped over a rough rock, which caused gave a jolt to Brody, Jones, Beresford-Hope and a Tibetan Bandit who had just gotten aboard. The engines died abruptly, and the plane fell off of a cliff. Lindsey was able to restart the engines, and pulled the plane out of a dive and to safety. Flying off, the bandit was forced out with a parachute, and the plane flew to Shanghai, where Jones, Brody and Beresford-Hope left.

In September 1943, Lindsey and his pet snake Reggie took the OB1 to the River Nile for a fishing expedition.

Behind the scenesEdit

The plane's callsign OB1 is a reference to Lindsey's other plane, OB-CPO, and a reference to the Star Wars character, Obi-Wan Kenobi.


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