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"...or laugh at their stupidity!"

Oetzmann was a captain in the German army, serving in the area of Verdun during World War I. In September 1916, he and his fellow officer, Hans Lehmann served in a German command bunker in the trenches in the Battle of Verdun. While enjoying a cup of tea one evening, Lehmann expressed his desire to have a chance with Oetzmann's lover, Heidi. Oetzmann shrugged his friend off with a laugh. As they continued to joke, Lehmann heard a noise outside, and Oetzmann summoned a German corporal to investigate it.

With the soldier dismissed, Oetzmann leaned in to confirm a rumor that Lehmann had heard. Lehmann stated that his brother-in-law had overheard two generals mentioning that they were bringing in two Big Bertha guns that night. Not aware that a French spy was listening to their conversation, they joked about having the French army meeting the two lovely "German girls." It is not known whether Oetzmann survived after a grenade thrown by the spy ignited several boxes of explosives near the bunker.

Behind the scenes[]

Oscar Freitag is credited with the role of the German Officer #1 in "Verdun, September 1916".

The surname Oetzmann is mentioned in the The Day of Destiny but sources attribute two different forenames: Gunter in The Mata Hari Affair, and Klausi in comic adaptation of the TV episode.

In the comic adaptation, Klausi has a combed-over hairstyle, and does not wear a helmet.