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"It's always the same. In a revolution, it is the people who suffer."
―Old Man in Pueblo[src]

The Old Man in Pueblo was an old man living in a village in northern Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century.


In 1916, Pancho Villa's army looted the village searching for food and took some of the old man's chickens. As he resisted, one of Villa's men and later Indiana Jones tried to excuse themselves claiming that it was in the old man's own good, as the revolutionaries claimed goal was to free the Mexican people.

The old man, who was a retired soldier from Benito Juárez's army and fought against the French and Mexican monarchists in the 1860s, had already heard that excuse many times and didn't believe it. He told his story to Indiana Jones in the following "speech of the chickens":

"Listen, years ago I rode with Juárez against Emperor Maximilian. I lost many chickens but I thought it was worth it to be free. When Porfirio became President, I supported him – but he stole my chickens. Then came Huerta and he stole my chickens. Then it was Carranza’s term, and he stole my chickens too. Now comes Pancho Villa to liberate me and the first thing he does is steal my chickens.(…) What makes one different from the others? My chickens don’t know. All over the world revolutions come and go. Presidents rise and fall. They all stole your chickens. The only thing to change is the name of the man who takes them."
―Old Man in Pueblo[src]

This encounter was one of several events that convinced Indiana Jones of the futility of the Mexican Revolution and his role in it.[1]. Indiana Jones decided to leave Mexico and join Remy Baudouin on his journey to Belgium to fight in World War I.


Behind the scenes[]

The Old Man in Pueblo was played by an amateur actor named credited simply as Gregorio in Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal.

Notes and references[]

  1. Compare Indy's reaction to this speech with the one of Pancho Villa early in the episode, that convinces the young Indiana Jones to join Villa's forces.

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