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Omar was the brother-in-law and excavating colleague of Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir, and worked out of Cairo, Egypt.


Omar was a friend and brother-in-law of Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir and assisted him with his excavations.[2]

Omar was originally an animal dealer specializing in draft animals such as camels, mules and oxen. The enterprise gave Omar enough money to buy twelve trucks which he used to open up Omar's Garage in a cul-de-sac in Cairo's east end providing vehicle repair and renting out the trucks to those requiring transport. He often partnered with Sallah, supplying his brother-in-law with a truck and driver for the digger's excavation work.[1]

In 1936, Omar loaned a truck to Sallah and his digging team to assist Indiana Jones in the archaeologist's unearthing of the Well of the Souls out from under the Nazi excavation taking place at Tanis.[2]


Omar's Garage hides the Ark of the Covenant.

Later, following Jones' hijacking of the Germans' cargo truck attempting to carry Ark of the Covenant back to Cairo, Omar's Garage was used to hide the artifact from the pursuing René Belloq and Colonel Herman Dietrich.[2]

In 1938, Sallah borrowed Omar's car to take Indiana and Henry Jones across Hatay in their quest for the Holy Grail, but the vehicle was shelled by the Nazis' Mark VII Tank. Sallah tried to acquire five camels as compensation for Omar but failed.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Omar invested his life into his garage where he was an accomplished mechanic whose kaftan always sported an oil stain. He personally trained his new employees in repairing the trucks and watched over their work, while teaching his drivers the vehicles' correct operating procedure. However, his need to make sure his drivers were careful and mechanics doing a good job made him jittery around his garage in spite of possessing a crooked grin.

He was also nervous over money. Despite also gaining business from hiring young boys and beggars to scavenge vehicle parts in Cairo, he was never paid enough and always paid too much, concerned whenever his trucks were let out of the garage, especially when his in-laws borrowed them.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Omar was played by the late Indian actor Ishaq Bux in Raiders of the Lost Ark.[2]

In the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook, Omar is described as being tall and almost gangly.[1] It's there where his relationship to Sallah as brother-in-law is indicated, and tied to the family member mentioned in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Whether he is married to one of Sallah's sisters or he's the brother of Fayah has yet to be specified by Lucasfilm Ltd.



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