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Omar's Garage was a vehicle storage and maintenance establishment in Cairo, Egypt, run by Omar, the brother-in-law of Sallah.


In 1936, Indiana Jones took care of a flamboyant swordsman near Omar's Garage while pursing kidnappers who had captured Marion Ravenwood.[1]

Later, Sallah arrived in Cairo from the nearby Tanis Dig while Indiana Jones was chasing after the Nazi convoy carrying the Ark of the Covenant. Jones had already planned with Sallah to meet up with Omar once he had reclaimed the Ark. Sallah and Omar gathered some trustworthy allies to help rapidly disguise the garage, once Jones arrived.[1]

When Jones pulled the cargo truck into the little plaza where the garage stood, Omar's friends were ready. As Jones pulled into the garage, men quickly lowered awnings, closed doors, and moved market carts into the entryway, making the garage entrance look like a fruit vending stall.[1]


After a quick transformation.

By the time the staff car containing René Belloq, Colonel Dietrich and Toht pulled into the roundabout, there was no sign of the truck - only a large crowd of people at a bazaar. Several of Omar's men moved up to the car, pretending to offer melons for sale. Angry at having lost the trail, Dietrich threw one of the melons on the ground, and had his driver get them out of there. Once the Nazis had left, Omar's accomplices cheered at their successful mission.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Hiding a truck as a market shop appears again in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but works against the protagonists, as Sallah tries to get Marcus Brody to hide in an Iskenderun shop entrance, which is actually a disguised Nazi truck that wheels Brody away.[2]



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