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Indiana Jones Omnibus: The Further Adventures Volume 1 is the third Dark Horse Omnibus of Indiana Jones comics. It collects the first twelve issues of The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones series from Marvel Comics along with the three-issue adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The book was released January 21, 2009.

Publisher's summary[]

Join comics luminaries Walt Simonson, John Byrne, Archie Goodwin, and Howard Chaykin, among others, in the very first appearances of the esteemed professor on the comic-book page! Weighing in at a hefty three hundred and sixty-eight pages, this tome collects the first twelve issues of the 1980s ongoing series - along with the adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark - for the very first time. And David Michelinie, the writer who would go on to pen most of Indy's four-color adventures, begins his imaginative run here! Fans of the films won't want to miss these classic tales that extend the Indiana Jones mythos beyond the silver screen.

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