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A young Indy falls into a snake pen on a circus train.

"I hate snakes, Jock! I hate 'em!"
Indiana Jones regarding his fear of snakes[src]

Ophidiophobia[1] is the fear of snakes. Indiana Jones was one known victim of ophidiophobia.[2][3]

Although he had disliked snakes since at least 1909,[2] it was a traumatic encounter on a circus train in 1912 that triggered Jones's ophidiophobia.[4] Unfortunately for him, his adult lifestyle took him into contact with snakes on a regular basis.[4][3][5][6]

Other people closed to Indy, like Willie Scott[7] and his later son Mutt Williams, were not afraid of snakes.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

During the early development of the fourth Indiana Jones film, Frank Darabont's script Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods included a gag which showed Indiana Jones as having seemingly recovered from his ophidiophobia. Jones casually throws a snake that approaches both him and Marion Ravenwood into nearby foliage, and even deals comfortably with being eaten by a giant variant of the serpent. However, when the archaeologist returns to his tent and spies a tiny snake slithering over his pillow his fears are retriggered.[8]


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