Orch Crowloff was once First Mate Turps' co-conspirator on a museum heist in the 1930s.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In Kafiristan in 1931, Orch Crowloff attempted to pull off a museum heist with his partner Turps acting as getaway driver. However, they hadn't counted on the intervention of Indiana Jones who gave chase.

As the two robbers sped from the scene, Indy managed to jump into the back of the vehicle. While Crowloff tussled with Jones, Turps kept his foot down not wanting to be caught by the authorities.

When the car came to a railway crossing, Turps spied a speeding locomotive. Seeing his chance, he headed on a collision course with the front of the train and jumped from the car at the last minute before impact, leaving Jones and Crowloff to their fate.

Relating the story to the crew of the Julie Anne four years later, Turps was unable to elaborate on what happened afterwards as he had hit his head on a stone and was knocked unconscious after he he landed from the car.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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