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The Orient Express was a scheduled train service that spanned the European continent, and was one of the most famous train lines in the world. Initially connecting between Paris and Vienna in 1883, it was later expanded across eastern Europe, terminating at Istanbul. Service was suspended during World War I and World War II, and several different lines went by the name "Orient Express", passing through cities like Munich, Milan, Budapest, and one line ending in Athens, instead of Istanbul.

Adventures on the Orient Express[]

On the search for information on the Holy Grail, Professor Henry Jones was scheduled to ride from Paris to Belgrade in the 1930's.[1]

In 1939, while on the trail of the Staff of Moses, Indiana Jones boarded the Orient Express in Paris, France and rode it to the east.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Orient Express appears in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for the Nintendo DS. While Indiana Jones traveled on the train from Paris, he battled Nazis on the roof of the train cars, to prevent them from following him. Later when the train reached its destination, Jones caught a plane to Lukla, Nepal.

The Orient Express was going to be a locale in the Wii & PS2 versions of the game but was cut before the game was finished.[3]



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