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Osborn Sloams-Hagen was temporarily Marcus Brody's replacement as curator of the National Museum in 1936.


Following Indiana Jones's 1936 recovery of the Arnhem Calendar Ring for the National Museum, the artifact was secretly exchanged for a convincing fake. When the truth about the piece was discovered, the museuma and its curator Marcus Brody fell into disrepute and suspected of fraud.

While the museum was closed pending investigation, Brody's career was effectively over and he was to be replaced in the role by Osborn Sloams-Hagen. Despite Sloams-Hagen claiming that Jones's reputation was unimpeachable, the archaeologist was nevertheless irrated by the man's suspicions that Brody had taken the real Calendar Ring to fund his retirement.

However, Jones, Brody and Marion Ravenwood went on reacquire the genuine artifact and clear Brody's name, allowing him to retake his position within the museum.