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The city of Oxford in southern England is most known for being the site of Oxford University. When an academic speaks of being "in Oxford" or "at Oxford", he or she typically refers to having been at the university, and not just the city itself.

Adventures in Oxford[]

In 1908, Henry Jones, Sr. and Anna took the young Indiana Jones to Oxford to meet with Miss Seymour and hire her as a tutor for the boy on the elder Jones's world lecture tour.

Ten years later, while in England prior to joining the Belgian army, Jones journeyed from London to Oxford to visit Miss Seymour and introduce her to Vicky Prentiss, whose parents lived nearby in Malvern. Miss Seymour invited the couple to a dinner with Winston Churchill that resulted in a dispute over women's suffrage.

After fighting in World War I, Jones returned to England and headed to Oxford in 1918. He arrived too late to see Miss Seymour, who had died days prior in an influenza epidemic, but collected her final letter to him from Seymour's maid.

In the summer of 1920, Henry Jones visited Oxford and the Bodleian library and met the antiquarian Marcus Brody who assisted his research. Jones did not arrive soon enough to meet the late Professor Charles B. Hawken, but Brody introduced him to several scholars, such as br. Matthius, who supported his research on the Holy Grail.

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