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The first of Harold Oxley's letters was written to Marion Ravenwood while he was in Peru in 1957.


Marion Ravenwood received Oxley's letter early in 1957. In the letter, Oxley reported that he had found a legendary crystal skull and that he was about to return it to its place of origin, Akator.

The letter alarmed Marion because its content made her believe that Oxley had lost his mind. She left for Peru to care for him but when she arrived there she was captured by Soviet Special Forces who also had Oxley in their custody.

Shortly before he was captured by the Soviets, Oxley had written a second letter, but in a cryptic code. He passed this letter to Marion, and the Soviets let her escape just long enough to forward that letter, together with a letter of her own, to her son Mutt Williams, urging him to forward it to Indiana Jones.

Mutt rode his motorcycle to Bedford, Connecticut, found Jones and told him in Arnie's Diner about all the three letters.

Behind the scenes[]

Oxley's First Letter was not shown in the movie itself, but only mentioned by Mutt. No specific prop was prepared for this letter which, except for his content, appears to have been quite a normal letter.