Oxley's letter was a cryptic message sent by Harold Oxley to Marion Ravenwood.


The letter conatined figures and text in Koihoma, an extinct an extinct LAtin American language wit Pre-Columbian syllabic base. The text contained a riddle, reading:

"Follow the lines in the earth only gods can read which lead to Orellana's cradle guarded by the living dead."

Jones correctly interpreted the "lines only gods can read" as the Nazca lines in Peru which can only be seen from above. However, he did not understand the reference to Orellana's cradle because Francisco de Orellana had been born in Spain. Only when he travelled with Mutt to Nazca and they found the map of the Chauchilla Cemetery on the floor of Oxleys cell in the Nazca sanatorium, he realized that the word used for "cradle" was a general word for "resting place" and that Oxley appearently had found Orellana's Tomb which had been unknown for centuries.


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