"Behold the Dragon's Claw, Pa Cheng, the Demon Destroyer. Hmm... I can't believe I'm saying this, but that sounds like exactly what I need right now."
Indiana Jones[src]

The Pa Cheng, also known as the Dragon's Claw, was a mystical Chinese weapon especially designed to destroy evil spirits. It could be thrown like a boomerang at an enemy, soaring back after each throw toward its user. The weapon used magic to injure those it touched, particularly demonic beings. It also had the ability to create a temporary, spirit-resistant energy shield around the user.

Hidden in the Temple of Kong Tien, the mystical object was located and taken by Indiana Jones who used it in 1935 to defeat possessed Black Dragon Triad corpses and the spirits inhabiting them. He also used it to free Mei-Ying from Kong Tien's control.

Indy took it with him to the Emperor's Tomb and used it to the same effect. While facing Marshal Kai Ti Chang, Indy charged up the Pa Cheng with elemental powers which were successful in defeating the gangster.

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