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The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the five oceans on Earth, stretching from the Arctic to Antarctica, and surrounded by Asia, Australia, North America and South America. It connects to the Atlantic Ocean south of South America, to the Arctic Ocean via the Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska, and to the Indian Ocean through the passages around Indonesia.

In 1935, Indiana Jones was diving in the South Pacific near a volcanic island for the sunken ruins of the Shrine of the Sea Devil when a giant octopus thwarted a mutiny led by Turps, who was eager to exact revenge on Jones. Jones survived being crushed by the octopus, and an explosion which caused the Julie Anne to sink. He was eventually rescued by Amelia Earhart.[1]

In 1936, Indiana Jones and Janice Le Roi were cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean, north of Japan, by Friedrich von Hassell, who no longer needed them in his quest to open the Tomb of the Gods. Before they could be eaten by sharks, Jones and Le Roi were rescued by a whaling ship with Marcus Brody aboard.[2]

Later that year, Jones flew across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Nepal to find Abner Ravenwood and his Headpiece to the Staff of Ra.[3]

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