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"Thank you, Oganga. Thank you for taking away my pain."
―Chief's Son[src]

The Pahouin Chief's Son was the teenaged son of the Pahouin Chief, of a village on the shore of a tributary of the Ogooué River in French Equatorial Africa.


In January 1917, the Pahouin chief's son fell ill, so his father sent three men to hurry downriver to fetch Oganga. The next day, the doctor came to the village, via the Collette, with his assistant Joseph and acting boat-captain Indiana Jones. Inside his hut, Dr. Schweitzer anesthetized the young man before beginning the surgery on his abdomen for a strangulated hernia.[1]

After finishing the operation, Dr. Schweitzer called in the chief to see his son. Free of pain, the young man thanked Oganga, using Joseph as a translator. Oganga charged the lad with a promise that, as one who had felt suffering, to work to ease the suffering of others, and never cause suffering. While the boy recuperated, his father spoke with Jones, Schweitzer and Joseph outside by the fire.

Behind the scenes[]

David Odero played the role of the Chief's Son in the episode "Congo, January 1917" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.



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