Palmar Sur is a small town in the Osa region of Costa Rica. Around the town were several banana plantations, including one owned by Amalgamated Fruit Industries.

In the summer of 1941, Indiana Jones arrived in Palmar Sur, by hiring a flight with Bert Brodowski. He hired a local, Enrique, to guide him to The Three Sisters, a local formation of stones, that was connected to the Akashic Hall of Records. At the Three Sisters, Jones used the stone sphere from the Hall of Records to trigger a vision of where to find the location of the Hall of Records. Jones returned to town and attempted to hire Brodowski to take him to Uxmal. Over dinner at the inn, Jones filled her in on his situation.

The next morning, Brodowski woke up Jones and alerted him to the presence of US Army soldiers, who had flown in that morning. Nichols arrived at the inn with some soldiers, attempting to apprehend Jones, but Jones and Brodowski fled into the jungle. Sneaking back to the airstrip, Brodowski and Jones tried to get past the soldiers guarding her plane by pretending to be an engaged couple having a tiff over Brodowski's involvement with the soldier's target, Jones. While Brodowski succeeded in getting her plane started, Jones got into a fight with the pilot of a mail plane. Jones managed to hop aboard Brodowski's biplane, but in the fight, he lost the stone sphere from the Hall of Records. The soldiers eventually recovered the artifact, and presented it to Nichols, who used it at the Three Sisters to find the location of the Hall of Records. With his larger plane, Nichols was able to beat Jones and Brodowski to the Pyramid of the Sorcerer at Uxmal.

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