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The Pan Am Clipper, a Pan American seaplane

Pan American Airways (abbreviated as Pan Am) was an American airline operator. They operated the Pan Am Clipper, the first transoceanic passenger service, in the 1930s.


Indiana Jones frequently traveled on Pan Am flights, as recognized by one of their employees, as they were the fastest way to travel around the world.[1] Jones kept a ticket of his set of flights in 1936 between San Francisco and Kathmandu (via Honolulu, Wake Island, and Manila) in his journal, having paid $951.60 for the trip.[2]


Jones and Williams on the plane

In 1957, Jones and Mutt Williams traveled on a series of Pan American planes as they flew from New York City to Nazca, Peru, stopping in Havana, Mexico City and Cusco. They started on a DC-3, and their final plane was a small Antonov An-2 cargo biplane, just large enough to carry the pair and Mutt's motorcycle.[3]

During the flight, Williams took care of the motorcycle that was stowed away in a wooden frame on the airplane. In the meantime, Jones set on a crate and observed Williams for a while before he pulled his hat over his face and took a nap. Finally, the plane flew over the Nazca Lines and landed at Nazca airport, where the pair disembarked.[3]

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James Rollins' novelization of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull does not mention the airlines used, but mentions two planes: DC-3 and Antonov An-2.[4] In the movie, the aircraft have the PAA logo on them.[3] The real Pan Am airline never used the Soviet-made An-2, although the plane in the film was an An-2.

During the flight sequence to Peru in Crystal Skull, the planes' progress is depicted with the traditonal red line on a map. The flight path starts in New York and ends in Cusco, whereas the journey continued on to Nazca.[3]



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