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Panama Hat: "Small world, Dr. Jones."
Indiana Jones: "Too small for two of us."
―Panama Hat and Indiana Jones[src]

Panama Hat, also known as The Man in the Panama Hat,[2] was an antiquities collector who hired Fedora and his gang of treasure hunters to retrieve the Cross of Coronado from a canyon site in Utah in 1912.


"This is the second time I've had to reclaim my property from you!"
―Panama Hat to Indiana Jones[src]

While Fedora and his men dug up the Cross of Coronado in Utah, 1912, Panama Hat stayed in the car with his driver. When a young Boy Scout named Indiana Jones stole the artifact from the gang and fled from the canyon across the desert, Panama Hat's car gave chase until Indy reached a circus train. After Indy managed to escape to his house, Panama Hat showed up with Fedora and the Sheriff, who, to Indy's surprise, stated that Panama Hat was its rightful owner and had six witnesses to prove it. Roscoe took the Cross out to Panama Hat, and he handed over the payment to the gang.[1]

Panama Hat at the Jones residence in 1912.

In 1938, Indiana Jones tracked down Panama Hat to Lisbon, Portugal after receiving a tip from a man who worked for Panama claiming that his boss has had an affair with his wife and wanted revenge. In violently stormy seas, Jones snuck aboard Panama Hat's ship, the Vasquez de Coronado off the Portuguese coast and took the Cross into his possession.[3]

But Jones quickly realized it was a set up and was taken captive. Panama Hat explained how he had been hit bad financially during The Great Depression and was seeking wealthy buyers for the Cross when one turned up — Indy would later suspect it was Walter Donovan — with a provision that required Jones be dead.[3]

After recovering the Cross, he ordered that Jones be thrown overboard. However, Jones broke free of his captors, seized the Cross and the action combined with rough seas caused an explosion which destroyed the Coronado. Panama Hat was apparently killed in the blast, and his shredded hat landed in the water not far from where Indiana Jones was swimming to safety.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Panama Hat was played by Tim Hiser (in the scene set in 1912) and by the late Paul Maxwell (in the scene set in 1938) in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Panama Hat is absent but the character is included in the sequel. There, as "The Panama Hat Man", he and a group of his sailors survive the Vasquez de Coronado's explosion and swim to an islet with a metallic palm tree where they set up camp.



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