Pankot Palace was the capital building of the province of Pankot, India. In addition to being the seat of government, it was the home for the Maharajah Zalim Singh. The palace was built on the top of a mount known as the "wounded" or "bleeding" mountain, so named for its subterranean volcanic activity that left boiling pools and sulfurous fumes in its cave systems. The mount was located above a tropical valley, and not far from a murky but crocodile-infested tributary of the Ganges River.

Below the palace was a temple that the Thuggee cult used during sacrifices and where they kept their slaves.

Behind the scenes

When Indiana Jones and Willie Scott are waiting for each other to come to their rooms at Pankot Palace, Indy's clock shows 10:17 p.m., but when the Thuggee assassin tries to kill Indy before being killed strangled with the fan, the same clock shows 10:36 p.m.



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