The cemetery in Paris was a large graveyard near the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris, France. It held many in-ground graves marked with gravestones as well as several crypts. At night it was guarded by a watchman.

A young Indiana Jones discovered the cemetery late at night in 1908. While being chased by two angry pimps, Jones and his friend, Norman Rockwell, ran into the cemetery. They hid in an open crypt while listening for their pursuers. One of the pimps commented on his fears of haunted graveyards, while second thought his partner a coward. The boys, discovering the night watchman drunk and asleep, took the watchman's lantern and blanket, and found a skull. With these items, they created a scary ghost costume which frightened the their two pursuers away. No longer being chased, the boys headed home for the night, splitting up when they reached the Hotel Lepic.

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