Paul Abdul was the young servant and assistant of Omar Al-Jabbar, and lived in Algiers. He was a simple man who is unquestioningly loyal to his master and often tried to handle his master's public affairs in his stead to ensure Omar's privacy and safety. He would regularly manage Omar's antique and pottery shop for him when Omar was too busy or unwilling to work.

Behind the scenesEdit

Paul Abdul's name is likely a spoof of American singer Paula Abdul.

He does not appear in the Fate of Atlantis comic.

Role in the gameEdit

Abdul's appearance and motives differs depending on which path the player takes in the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis video game:

  • In the 'Team' path, Abdul does not appear at all, with Omar running his shop personally.
  • In the 'Wits' path, he will try to broker a meeting between Indy and Omar after Indy shows him that he knows their friend Alain Trottier though all his attempts will end in failure. The player must trick Paul into wearing a fez so that they can easily keep track of him through the busy streets of Algiers and follow him to Omar's house, where Paul will promptly run to fetch the police as Omar refuses to welcome Indy in his house.
Paul Abdul

Abdul with garish fez

  • In the 'Fists' path, he will still need to be followed to Omar's house but he is already wearing the garish fez. Here, Indy sees that Omar is not actually refusing to see Indy- but is being interrogated at gunpoint by a Nazi soldier, Hörst. After Indy deals with the threat, Omar and Paul run to alert the authorities about the Nazi infiltration of Algeria.



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