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Paul LeRoy Bustill Robeson was a multi-lingual American actor, athlete, Basso cantante concert singer, writer, civil rights activist, fellow traveler, Spingarn Medal winner, and Stalin Peace Prize laureate.


Robeson grew up in the city of Princeton, and when he was very young he developed a friendship with Indiana Jones. Robeson and Jones were reunited in 1919, when Jones returned to Princeton, after his years in World War I. Robeson was introduced to Indy's girlfriend, Amy Wharton and was the recipient of racial abuse when a man witnessed a hotdog vendor serving him.

Soon after, Robeson graduated from Rutgers University and gave the commencement address, where he challenged racial notions of the time.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Indy's friend in My First Adventure.

Paul Robeson was supposed to appear as a 7 year-old boy in the unproduced The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episode "Princeton, May 1905", and there his relationship with Indy would be introduced.[2]

Though this story was not produced, the idea of Indy being friends with Paul Robeson resurfaced in the bridging material of the broadcast version of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father, and a new segment created as a conclusion to Winds of Change.

In these two productions, Robeson was portrayed by actor Kevin Jackson.

In the opening scenes of Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal, later edited into My First Adventure, among Indiana Jones's friends is a child who, while not directly stated, could be a young Paul Robeson.



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