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Paul Weston

Paul Weston.

Paul Weston (January 7, 1940) is a British stunt coordinator, former photographic model and stuntman who had worked in many films and TV shows like Doctor Who, Blake 7, The Baron, Jaws, A License to Kill, Moonraker, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, Top Secret!, Morons From Outer Space, Aliens, Frankestein Unbound, Spectre, etc.[1]

Weston worked on Raiders of the Lost Ark, performing stunts for the film. He served as Anthony Higgins' double, and also played the second soldier who is spotted by Indiana Jones due to the rearview mirror during the desert chase, one of the soldiers in the troop carrier during the Flying Wing scene who is shot by Marion Ravenwood, and many Arabs including the hired goon who stabbed another thug and the truck passenger, both during the Cairo scenes.[2]

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