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"Peking, March 1910" is a two-part story spanning issues 11 and 12 of Dark Horse Comics' Young Indiana Jones Chronicles series. It was based on the television series' episode of the same name. Issue 11 was released on January 1, 1993, and issue 12 followed in February.

Publisher's summary[]

Issue 11[]

Indy embarks on a tour of the Far East, but is distracted from the beauty of the country by the presence of a mysterious stranger. Could this man be a spy or a bomb-carrying revolutionary? Will Indy convince their guide that they are indeed being followed? From the Great Wall of China to the steps of the Meng Jiang Temple, Indy explores the wonders of ancient dynasties, recognizes the value of maintaining "face," and learns a very valuable lesson in balance. And that's just the start of the journey...

Issue 12[]

Indiana Jones has faced numerous perils, but his battles have always been against external forces. When the attack comes from within, in the form of a deadly fever, Young Indy's mother must decide whether to trust ancient Chinese medical practices or risk waiting for a missionary doctor. It's a race against time and a lesson in maintaining face in this moving conclusion of Indy's adventure in Peking.

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Behind the scenes[]

Issue 11 contains the four page article "The Wall" written by Kurt Busiek, containing a history of the Great Wall of China.

Issue 12 contains the four page article "Acupuncture" written by Kurt Busiek, covering the tradition and theories about acupuncture.

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