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Peng Lai Island was a small, high-altitude island.

The foot of Peng Lai was the location of a Nazi military base around 1935. It was visited that year by Indiana Jones, who was brought there by Wu Han from Hong Kong, in search for the fortress of Marshall Kai Ti Chan and his Black Dragon Triad. There, Marshall Kai's connection to the Nazis through Albrecht Von Beck was confirmed by Jones.

The Nazi base, which included an airstrip, submarine docking port and loading station, was infiltrated by Jones, who was at one point able to disguise himself as a Nazi officer.

The island was traversed mostly through a gondola system the Nazis had built. Jones took a gondola to the top, where lay the Black Dragon Fortress. In the basement of the fortress was in fact a series of underground chambers and a temple to the Chinese demon Kong Tien, filled with vicious, magically renanimated corpses and the Triad warrior-guardians themselves. In this temple, Jones acquired two supernatural artifiacts: the Pa Cheng and the completed Mirror of Dreams.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The name "Peng Lai" refers to a mystical island in Chinese mythology; it is unknown if this Peng Lai is itself the same island (it does not appear on any maps and does seem to possess supernatural qualities) or simply a land that is named after the original one of Chinese legend.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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