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Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett (nicknamed Jack) was a British explorer who disappeared in South America in the mid-1920s.


Percy Harrison Fawcett was a British explorer who went missing in 1925 on a quest to find an ancient lost city he knew as "Z". Fawcett was successful in his search but was taken prisoner by the Ceiban inhabitants and held within the city's walls as a "breeder". During that time he was manipulated into fathering five children by different women posing as his wife.

In 1926, Indiana Jones and his wife, Deirdre were sent to find the explorer after Marcus Brody received Fawcett's journal in the mail. The Joneses successfully rescued Fawcett from Ceiba but Fawcett apparently died alongside Deirdre when their plane crashed in the jungle.

In 1934, a journal purportedly written by Fawcett was discovered in the Triangle Islands. Some entries were dated after 1926, casting doubt on Fawcett's final fate.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The real-life Percy Fawcett is said to have been one of the inspirations for the Indiana Jones character.

An episode was written for the planned third season of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles that would have featured Indy and René Belloq becoming involved in Fawcett's quest for the Lost City of Z, but with the cancellation of the series, the episode was never filmed.



Notes and references[]

  1. From Indiana Jones Adventure World: "March 15, 1927. I have found proof of my Lost City of Z! Soon the world will marvel at the wonders hidden in the Amazon!"

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