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"Orders are orders."
―Colonel Pernod[src]

Colonel Pernod was an officer in the French army, working in the French garrison at Port-Gentil in French Equatorial Africa during World War I. His left eye had been lost at some point in his life, and he wore a prosthetic in its place.

In January 1917, Colonel Pernod provided Captain Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) with his shipment of machine guns and other arms that had run aground at Cape Lopez. While helping with the loading of the weaponry, he refused to give the Belgian forces any additional troops to escort the weapons back to German East Africa, saying that with so many of his men sick with malaria, he had none to spare. He did agree to post some letters from Defense and the late Lieutenant Arnaud.[1]

After Albert Schweitzer and his wife were taken into custody by Captain Rostand and brought to Port Gentil, Pernod met again with Defense and Lieutenant Baudouin to discuss the situation with the Schweitzers. Defense argued in favor of the Schweitzers, and the lives they are able to save at the hospital. Pernod refused to change the decision to allow the German doctor to continue to live and work in French territory, and proceeded with their expatriation back to Europe.[1]

Pernod also informed them that the shipment of Belgian weapons was now more urgently needed back in France and that Defense and Baudouin were to escort them back on the first available steamship.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Yann Collette played the role of Colonel Pernod in the episode "Congo, January 1917" of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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