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"Yer mine, ya inhuman creature!"

Pete was a short-haired large Irish man who part of Connely's group of Blueshirts, members of a right-wing pro-fascist paramilitary political organization in Ireland, which were in league with the Nazi Dieterhoffmann.

In March 1945, Pete, along with Bobby, and another member of the group had assembled at Connely's Inn, when Connely used a radio to contact Dieterhoffmann about the activities of one of the guests, Indiana Jones. When Connely received word to kill Jones, the three thugs tried to get him in his room with Pete in the lead, but Jones hit Pete with a glass-framed picture of Jesus Christ before escaping with his assistant, Brendan O'Neal. Switching to chase Jones by car, Bobby and the unnamed Blueshirt drove one car, while Pete drove a second car. After O'Neal's car was destroyed, Pete was ordered to drive on to try to chase them on foot. They later caught up with Jones and O'Neal escaping in a horsecart. After Bobby crashed his car, Pete got out of his car to chase Jones and O'Neal who were racing for the ferry. Blocked from pursuit by the empty horse-cart, Pete drew his pistol and shot O'Neal in the chest, but Jones carried O'Neal and jumped onto the ferry, leaving Pete and his boss on the dock.

Several days later, Pete was at Connely's Inn when the Blueshirts met up with Dieterhoffman, Kurt, Seigfried, and the other Nazis who had arrived to retrieve the Spear of Longinus. While Dieterhoffmann argued with his hostage, Rebecca Stein, Jones returned to the inn, slipped in from upstairs, and held a knife to Bobby on the stairs as his own hostage to trade for Rebecca. Not concerned about Bobby, Dieterhoffmann let Jones know he could kill Bobby if he liked. Connely disagreed with losing one of his men and Dieterhoffmann revealed that he cared nothing for Connely's cause, and ordered Kurt to get Jones. Jones pushed Bobby down the stairs at the burly Nazi, who then threw Bobby off the side of the staircase which killed him. With Bobby down, Pete leapt up the steps to attack the Nazi thug. Kurt overpowered Pete with a punch to the gut then a punch to the face. Enraged over Bobby's death, Connely hit Kurt over the head with a stick, but then Dieterhoffmann shot Connely. In the confusion, Jones and Rebecca Stein escaped with Seigfried's part of the spear.

It is not known if Pete survived his fight.