Pierre Blanc was a Parisian lieutenant in the French military during World War I. Blanc had made escape attempts from four separate enemy prisoner of war camps before he ultimately met his demise by August 1916.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

After his death, Blanc's uniform and papers were disposed of by enemy guards but they got picked up by a captured Belgium soldier called Emile who grabbed Blanc's uniform as a disguise for his friend and fellow captive, Indiana Jones, aware that commissioned officers received better treatment in prison.

Jones was taken to a POW camp and took part in a breakout plot only to be captured on escape. Unfortunately for Jones, the camp held records of Blanc's previous escape attempts and deemed him to be a hopeless case. All too convincing as Blanc, Jones was unable to persuade his captors he was someone else, and found himself transfered to Dusterstadt, the dreaded fortress from which no man had escaped alive.

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