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Several Pillagers were members of a mercenary group led by Sudao and were active in Panama.

In 1939, the band of pillagers was hired by Magnus Völler to help keep Indiana Jones from using the Jade Sphere in the Mayan ruins in Panama. Some of the pillagers helped to set fire to the Jungle Village and began harassing the local indigenous people, who had known Professor Charles Kingston. Other pillagers attacked Jones in the jungle, and through several sets of Mayan ruins, including one where they had set up a camp. In the end, their weapons and fists were no match for Jones.

Behind the scenesEdit

The voice actors portraying the roles of the different Pillager characters in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings are Hernán de Béky, Alex Fernandez, Carlos Ferro, and David Michie.

Differences in story among Staff of Kings versionsEdit

The pillagers play different roles in the different versions of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings game:

  • Wii/PS2 versions: After a crossing a collapsing river bridge, Jones ran across two pillagers on the trail. Beating them, he continued through a short tunnel, where he was ambushed by two more. A rockslide caused by Maggie O'Malley allowed Jones to escape from his slower would-be captors. Jones got in a shootout with several of the pillagers as he approached the Jungle Village, now on fire from Sudao's actions. After shooting several of the pillagers, Jones was dropped into the village by a large brute, and was forced to fight many of the pillagers in hand-to-hand combat. After driving the gang from the village, Jones was given an ancient stone key by a village chief. More pillagers ran into Jones inside a set of ruins, and then Jones discovered the main pillager camp around some ruins over a sinkhole. After fighting the pillagers in the camp, Jones got into a firefight with the last of the men standing on an upper ledge. Climbing up to the top of the ledge, Jones found the trail into the temple area, where Sudao was setting up explosives.


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