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After Pablo Picasso enticed two prostitutes hanging outside a brothel to join him and his group for dinner in 1908, a Parisian Pimp and his counterpart later emerged, demanding to know where their girls had gone.

One of the remaining prostitutes mentioned Picasso's name, and the two set off for the restaurant. At the restaurant, the pimps confronted Picasso and Georges Braque about their missing girls. When Indiana Jones confronted the pimp, the larger man simply picked up the boy and threw him onto Picasso's table.

The prostitutes and Fernande Olivier also attacked the pimps, and Jones used the Louis Bleriot airplane to distract them while Picasso's group fled. In the fracas, one of the pimps accidentally punched the other.

Later that evening, the pimps crossed paths with Norman Rockwell and Jones again, and chased them into a cemetery. The pimp was scared of haunted places and didn't want to enter, but his partner guided them to where they thought the boys were hiding. Using a blanket, lantern and skull to make a ghostly apparition, the boys frightened the pimps into running out of the cemetery.

Behind the scenesEdit

Pimp 1 was played by Craig Crosbie in "Paris, September 1908".


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