"One of the largest impact craters on earth. 100 kilometers in diameter. Many millions of years old."
Friedrich von Hassell[src]

The Popigai Crater is one of the largest impact craters on Earth. Located in Siberia (in modern-day Russian Federation), north of Norilsk, it was home to diamond mines set up under Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. It was formed by an asteroid impact with the earth, which caused the formation of the diamonds.

In 1931, while studying the crater, Francis Beresford-Hope, Marwell O'Brien, and Henrik Mellberg discovered an ancient artifact in a diamond mine. Gathering a group of twelve more men to follow the map on the artifact, they traveled north and discovered the Tomb of the Gods, where most of the expedition perished. Knowing the need to keep their discovery a secret from the world, the three men broke the key into three pieces and split to different parts of the world.


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