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Port-au-Prince is the capital and largest city of Haiti. It was incorporated by the French in 1749, on a natural harbor on the Gulf of Gonâve, though the area had been previously settled by the indigenous peoples and Spanish colonists, who had been driven out by French pirates and then French colonizers. As the capital and main economic center of Haiti, the city serves as the main hub of transportation.

During World War II, many spies were stationed in Port-au-Prince, including the Nazi Edwin Gruber, the Japanese Yamada Hajime, and the American Joe Edmonds. In 1943, Indiana Jones and George McHale arrived via bus from Saint-Marc, and began discreetly inquiring for a guide to lead them to the Island of the Dead. Managing to spot and avoid Edmonds, the two were led to Marie Arnoux, but their presence was detected by a local agent who reported to both Gruber and Yamada. Arnoux helped the American and Brit find rooms at Josette's, then the following day, the three left for Terre Rouge in a car driven by Marie's brother, Alain. Suspecting that the archaeologists were after the Haitian formula for invincibility, Yamada and Gruber both contacted their nearby troops and flew to meet with them before heading to the island.

After the Heart of Darkness was recovered, Jones and McHale flew out of Port-au-Prince airport, leaving behind Arnoux, now in charge of two zombis of the Axis spies.

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