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Prague is a European city and capital of the Czech Republic. It was previously the capital of Bohemia in Austria-Hungary when Indiana Jones visited the city during World War I, then became the capital of Czechoslovakia when that nation was formed after the war.

Adventures in Prague[]

In 1917, Indiana Jones was on assignment in Prague and became ensnared in a maze of bureaucracy until an insurance lawyer named Franz Kafka came to his assistance.

In 1935, during his search for the Emperor's Tomb, Jones journeyed to Prague to look for the second piece of the Mirror of Dreams. The piece was believed to already be in the Nazis' possession, embedded within the body of a large mutant beast kept locked up high in the alchemist laboratory of Vega's Castle, a seemingly haunted place.

Behind the scenes[]

Prague is the location of Barrandov Studios and served as the European production hub for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, frequently doubling for other cities in Europe. In addition to portraying itself in "Prague, August 1917," the fan-run website On the Trail of Young Indy has documented how locations around Prague were substituted for locations in Barcelona, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Verdun, and Vienna.



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