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A Prairie dog is a medium large to small rodent, that lives in burrows, and inhabits the plains of North America. They live in small family groups, and feed primarily on roots, growing to become around 20 centimeters long.

Adventures with praire dogs[]

In 1957, in Nevada, a mound constructed by a prairie dog, was run over by a car, driven by Jimmy Keegan, and containing Tommy Shiner, Suzie and Lindy, while they were trying to goad an American military convoy, actually disguised Soviet soldiers, into a race. Later, after Indiana Jones escaped the Russians, he and Antonin Dovchenko rode out of Hangar 51 on a rocket sled, and several prairie dogs observed the sled in amazement. Jones got to see one more prairie dog, after surviving a nuclear blast in Doom Town, when the fridge he had hidden in, winded up on the plains outside, a prairie dog looked upon him in curiosity and confusion.[1]


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