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The town of Princeton in New Jersey is most known for being the site of Princeton University.


It was in Princeton in 1899 that Indiana Jones was born, in the Jones house, shortly after the Joneses had moved to the town[1] where Henry Jones, Sr. had recently earned a professor position.[2] While the senior Jones taught courses and conducted research into medieval studies, the young Jones spent his first few years getting into trouble around town. In 1908, the entire family left Princeton as Henry had the opportunity to give lectures around the world,[1] not returning to the United States until 1910.[2]

Henry and Indy in Princeton, 1916.

By 1916, the elder and younger Jones were back in Princeton, with young Indiana attending high school with his sweetheart, Nancy Stratemeyer, daughter of writer Edward Stratemeyer. Together, the couple solved a mystery involving plans to steal an invention from Thomas Edison's labs in nearby Menlo Park and attended the senior prom together.[3] However, Indy went to New Mexico on spring break, and then got caught up with Pancho Villa's revolution and World War I, and didn't finish high school.[4]

In 1919, Indy returned to Princeton and saw Nancy again. However, the rift between Indy and his father had grown so deep that Indy refused to attend Princeton University, and instead chose to attend the University of Chicago.[5]

Indy would once again return to Princeton in 1933, when he took a teaching job at the university. By 1935, however, he had returned to Marshall College in Connecticut. Henry Sr. continued to teach medieval history at Princeton University, at least until 1938.

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