Prisoner of War is the eighth and final young adult adaptation of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles published by Random House. Released in 1993, the book adapted the episodes "The Somme, August 1916" and "Germany August, 1916".

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

The Germans have Indy right where they want him— locked up!

It's World War I. Indy's been captured and marched off to a grim prison camp. He isn't behind the barbed wire long before he's caught trying to tunnel out. The Germans send him to their most dreaded prison of all—Dusterstadt. The ancient stone fortress is an island towering above the swirling waters of the Danube River. no one has ever escaped—and lived!

Indy's fellow prisoner is Captain Charles de Gaulle, a born leader and brilliant strategist. Together they hatch a daring plan.

Will it bring freedom...or death?

Young Indiana Jones—you've seen him on TV in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, traveling the world as a kid and a teen, encountering some of the best minds and biggest events in history. Now read about him as he tries to slip trough the iron grip of his German captors. Based on the television episodes "The Somme, August 1916" and "Germany, August 1916."

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