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Prohibition was the period of time in the United States of America, when the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol was banned. It lasted from 1919, from the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment, to 1933, when the Twenty-first Amendment repealed it.

With the sale of alcohol made illegal, many criminal enterprises turned to bootlegging, or the making and transport of illegal alcoholic beverages. Enforcement of the ban proved to be difficult, and criminal operations flourished. Illegal bars and clubs, called speakeasies, opened up, offering the public the chance to drink and be entertained. Al Capone, Dion O'Banion and many others in the Chicago area fought for territorial control for their bootlegging operations. O'Banion set up the Cristo Lemonade Company as a front for his alcohol delivery operation.

In 1920, Indiana Jones got to see the effects of Prohibition firsthand, as he visited speakeasies in order to hear jazz, and investigated the murder of his boss, Jim Colosimo as criminal elements plotted to control the flow of alcohol through Chicago to the rest of the country.

After more than a decade, Prohibition became increasingly unpopular, especially in large cities, and it was repealed, with states allowed to choose their own alcohol regulation policies.



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