The explorer Bandelier marked five purumachus sarcophagi on his map to the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors during his expedition through the Chachapoyas region of Peru in 1893.

They stood a short distance away from a Chachapoyan demon statue that marked the path to the site near the Utcubamba river.

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Purumachus is a misspelling in The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones. A photograph of the real-world purunmachu of Carajía, which numbered eight in total, was used to illustrate the Chachapoyas region in Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide.

Whether or not the Lost Journal purunmachu are intended to be the very same Carajía sarcophagi within the continuity of the Indiana Jones franchise is unclear. However, the journal map was a modified version of the prop designed by Anthony Magnoli of the IndyProps fansite – a collaborator on the book – who added real world place names to his work to make it feel more authentic.[1]

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